CarrotBot User Data Policy

CarrotBot does not store sensitive user data. This information which the bot does not store includes but is not limited to usernames, four-digit discriminators, profile images, message contents, message attachments, any personal information, account statistics such as creation date, guild join dates, account badges, user statuses, and guild memberships, guild icons, guild names, and guild channel lists.
The only data stored by CarrotBot is that which is absolutely necessary to make its functions work. Data is always stored by numeric ID and without any other identifying factors and is encrypted.
You can see all of these things for yourself. Unlike some developers, I make my source code public. The only part of the source code that is not public is the file that stores the bot's token and data encryption algorithm. No code in this file accesses the Discord API or collects any data.
On-platform, CarrotBot does log messages sent within the Multi-Server Conversation for moderation purposes. These messages are not and will never be shared with any third parties, and no messages outside of the conversation are logged. These logs are not stored locally and serve only as a moderation feed similar to those provided by CarrotBot and other bots for server moderators.